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Out Back in the Barn

We promised we'd bring back the fiber in this fiber event! Thanks to the stellar Shave 'Em to Save 'Em program sponsored by The Livestock Conservancy, we are able to bring you raw, washed, dyed and downright amazing heritage sheep wool. 


Gulf Coast, Heritage Shetland, Jacob, Leicester Longwool.

There will be demos Saturday morning with Ellen Baize (Baize Shetlands) in washing fleece. Jenn Kulick (The Sheepwalk) will be nearby with a greasy fleece ready for the picking and skirting. 


We will have a fiber processing station set up for demo. You can expect to see hand carders, drum carders, a triple picker, blending board, and combs. We will have projects up and running throughout the weekend showcasing the versatility of different types of fiber.

Need to hug a sheep? Pancho and Villia will be making a return this year to show off their unusual cross wool. 


The Texas Angora Goat Raisers Association will be hosting the Jackpot Show, Saturday only, in the Livestock Area!

Featured in the Barn

Colored Angora Goats

Colored Angora Goats

Colored Angora Goats

colored angora mohair goat

Colored Angora Goats are slowly being recognized within local markets for their sheen, silky texture and colors. While the international markets still push for white only, fiber artists and fashion designers are giving these colored cuties a new place in history.

Heritage Breeds

Colored Angora Goats

Colored Angora Goats


We will once again be showcasing some 

Heritage breeds straight from the Livestock Conservancy list. Right Choice Shearing will 

be back to demonstrate as well as shear 

a variety of sheep. Fleece will be opened 

up for viewing in the Barn area.