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The Rules


We are a sewing and designing competion that is supported by the American Sheep Industry.


  • To promote the beauty and versatility of wool fabrics, fibers 
  • and yarns.
  • To encourage personal creativity in sewing, knitting, crocheting, or felting with wool fabrics, fibers and yarns. 
  • To recognize creative skills.
  • To develop life skills including:
  • being responsible for one’s self
  • being a good sport
  • accepting judges decisions
  • learning about and appreciating diversity


  • Preteens, age 12 and under – Optional: This division may be divided into ages 5-7 (Young Sewers) and ages 8-12 (Preteens) – see additional information under “Optional Categories”
  • Juniors, ages 13-16
  • Seniors, ages 17-24
  • Adults, age 25 and older
    • Participants must compete in the state where they are a legal resident. 

Age on January 1 of competition year. Participants must compete in the state where they are a legal resident.


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  • Juniors, Seniors and Adults may enter:
  • One-piece garment: Dress, jumper, outerwear jacket, coat or cape.
  • Two-piece outfit: Coat, jacket, cape, blouse/shirt, vest or sweater WITHdress, jumper, skirt, pants or shorts.
  • Ensemble: 3 or more garments worn together at one time: Coat, jacket, cape, blouse/shirt, vest and/or sweater WITHdress, jumper, skirt, pants or shorts.
  • Preteens may enter:
  • Dress, jumper, skirt, pants, shorts, vest, sweater, shirt/blouse, jacket or a    combination of garments.  
  • All garments must have been completed after January 1 of the competition year. Participants must select all fabrics, materials and supplies, must sew, knit, crochet or felt all garments. They may also spin their own yarn and weave their own fabric. They may receive instruction and advice from parents, teachers or advisor.


  • Made for Others:Garment(s) made for another person. The recipient must model the garment and the sewer must answer the judges’ questions.
  • Wearable Accessories:Items worn to compliment a garment or outfit: purse, hat, gloves/mittens, belt, tie, pin, scarf 
  • Young Sewers- New in 2018 -Contestants in the Young Sewers  should have a short one-on-one interview with a ‘judge’ to explain what they have made and what they learned by making their wool item. Possible wool items can be: scarf, unlined skirt, unlined cape or poncho, unlined vest with no closures, purse, tote bag, hat, or belt. The goal is to introduce this age group to working with wool fabrics/yarns and to be recognized for their accomplishments. Recognition should be in the form of a participation certificate with a small sewing related gift. No placing or ranking of participants is permitted.


  • Appropriate to contestant and contestant’s lifestyle.
  • Fit and overall appearance
  • Coordination of fabric/yarn/fibers with garment style and design.
  • Presentation of garment by contestant.
  • Construction quality- 
  • Creativity in design and use of wool.
  • Conveys/ promotes the beauty, comfort  and versatility of wool

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