Kid N Ewe and Llamas Too Fiber/Knitting Festival Boerne TX

Recognizing our sponsor organizations and the officers and members
of their Boards of Directors for their continuing support!


The South Central Llama Association (SCLA) was formed in 1989 to advise and educate people on the responsible care of llamas.  They publish a newsletter, The Humming Herald, full of llama related news and activities, have an extensive lending library, and are involved in all major livestock shows in Texas.  

Llamas are pack animals, are used as guard animals for sheep and goat herds, and make excellent 4-H projects.  In addition, their fiber undercoat can be spun into luxurious yarns. 

Current officers are:  Sean Price, president, Christie Stewart, vice-president, Mary Dell Doyle, secretary, and Bob Lyons, treasurer. 

Information is available from or Karen Conyngham at, 7403 Newhall Lane, Austin, TX  78746.



Fiber Producers of Texas, Inc. (FPT) was incorporated in 1998 by remaining founders of the original Kid ‘N Ewe, to be the managing sponsor of the Kid ‘N Ewe and Lamas, Too Festival.  FPT petitioned, and was accepted into the Mountain and Valley Wool Association (MAVWA.) in 2001.  This relationship vastly improves opportunities for producers of Texas fiber to participate in the Wool Festival at Taos and allows producers in Colorado and New Mexico to use Texas fiber in their products.  Also mutually beneficial is the sharing in a larger pool of experience and talents in the execution of
common goals.   FPT welcomes MAVWA to the Kid ‘N Ewe and Lamas, Too Festival.

Current FPT officers are: Mary Carol Buchholz, president, Randall Brooks, vice president, and Grady Ingle, vice president/secretary.

For information contact Grady Ingle,, 355 Copano Ridge Road, Rockport, TX   (832) 584-4695


Independence Fiber Mill

11309 FM 2621
Brenham, TX 77833

Forming Independence Fiber Mill, an artisan cottage industry, is the latest step of Dawn & Paul Brown’s fiber journey. Their new mill operates from their Independence Farmstead in the historic village of Independence. The farmstead is also home to their herd of angora and pygora goats.

In February, 2015, they purchased their full line of Belfast equipment from the late Sue Rey and Steve Ray of Pocahontas, AK. It was moved into a lovely old stone and cedar building on the farm. Next step were intense training sessions by the manufacturer. On June 1, 2015 they opened for business.

Dawn and Paul left their non-fiber related jobs in another state to come home to Texas. Now, both working full-time, focusing on processing natural fibers from local fiber producers into roving, yarn, cloud, felt, and batts. They welcome small batches and experimenting with new blends. The mill is adding a rug yarn maker over the next few months.