Kid N Ewe and Llamas Too Fiber/Knitting Festival Boerne TX
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Instructor's Bio

Workshop Classes for KNE 2017

 Jackie Binder

Jackie grew up I a very crafty household and when fiber arts was introduced to her it was instant passion; beginning with knitting, then crochet and finally tatting.  She has pursued tatting more so due to its beauty and interesting history.  She teaches tatting a local yarn shops, venues and privately. 

Lesya Krasnikova:

Lesya and her husband, Michael, run a small business together - Sova Artisan Goods -  out of their home in San Antonio specializing in handmade and custom ceramic and leather goods. Lesya has enjoyed crafting with yarn throughout her life and when her journey with clay began she wanted to make clay items for fiber artists. That's how yarn bowls got added to one of her favorite ceramic items to make. Lesya greatly enjoys shaping, texturing and carving clay. This year she wanted to share the love of working with clay and give fiber artists and producers an opportunity to work with clay and make their very own yarn bowl/dome. You can visit them at

 Stephanie Carcano

Stephanie owns Froggy Fibers and Gifts in Lufkin, TX. She has enjoyed the fiber arts for many years and enjoys helping adults
and children come up with projects that add color and beauty to their lives.

Lyn Christoph

Lyn and her husband, Mark, have owned and operated the Gulf Breeze Alpaca (and Sheep) Ranch at Lake Corpus Christi near Mathis since 2007. Soon after welcoming her alpacas home, Lyn developed skills in processing their fiber herself, starting with learning how to shear them. After learning how to shear and process her own fiber into batts, roving and yarn, Lyn opened her shop and studio where she teaches spinning, knitting and wet felting & needle felting. She offers hand made and commercially made items and yarn in her shop at the ranch. She and her husband also together offer tours of the ranch to groups and families throughout the year.

Ashley Gaas Dalhart

Instructors bio: Ashley is the co-owner of Blue Mule Fiber, and shares her love of all things fiber with her mom and grandmother on Blue Mule Farm.  She raises registered Icelandic and Shetland Sheep, Cashgora goats, german angora rabbits and alpaca.  She spends her days shearing, dyeing, spinning, felting, knitting, crocheting, and weaving.  You can visit her at or on Facebook at Blue Mule Fiber.

Beth Gamble

BIO: Beth is the Co-owner of Blue Mule Farm in lovely Fayetteville, TX.  She raises registered Icelandic and Shetland Sheep, Cashgora goats, German angora rabbits.  Along with her mother and daughter, they share a passion for all things fiber and spend their days shearing, dyeing, blending, spinning, felting, knitting, crocheting, and weaving.  You can visit them at or on Facebook at Blue Mule Fiber.

Midge Jackson

Midge Jackson has been spinning and knitting for over 25 years.  Recently, she added weaving to her skill set. I really enjoy introducing others to the wonderful world of fiber arts, she says.  Midge was a founding member of the Wildflower Fiber Retreat and served on the committee for the spinning retreat and knitting camp for many years and is the only free lance knitting teacher in Smith County.

Sarah Monger

Sarah Monger became enamoured of blending boards a few years ago....wanted one but thought they were too expensive. Her husband made her the first one and now

she makes them for you! Hand decorated! She has yet to see an ugly rolag off the blending board, really! Come take her class and give it a try....if you don't have one you can borrow one for the class. Materials provided but if you have some fiber you want to try bring it along.


Misty Meier

Misty is the owner of Happy Ewe, a LYS just outside of Austin.  Her special fibery interest is in spinning and fiber prep.  She has been teaching spinning, crochet, knitting, and rigid heddle weaving for 5 years and is currently working on her textiles masters in spinning.


Joanne Murphy

Joanne has been spinning for
30 yrs. She spins on drop spindles, supported spindles, charka, and wheels. With alpacas in the back yard, she has plenty of fiber, but what’s wrong with a little more?


Barney Terrell

Barney Terrell, an engineer by trade, has reinvented himself as a master craftsman,designing and creating handmade spinning, knitting and weaving tools. In addition, he restores and sells spinning wheels, but his most popular creation is the triangle loom. After knee surgery, his wife, Joyce an accomplished artist, introduced him to weaving. Since that time, he has taught hundreds people to weave using the versatile triangle. Barney and Joyce live at Golden Fleece Farm in East Texas, home to a spinner's flock of Shetland sheep and a faithful guard llama.


Pat Tittizer

Pat Tittizer has been knitting since before she can remember and has been doing other fiber-y things since high school.  She has taught craft classes around the central Texas area for at least 20 years.


Sara Tittizer

Sara has played with "string" from before she can remember.  She enjoys learning obscure fiber-related techniques.