Kid N Ewe and Llamas Too Fiber/Knitting Festival Boerne TX
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Skein Contest

Skein contest entries will be accepted
until 2:00 on Saturday. All skeins
entered must be a minimum of least
one ounce for fine spun and two ounces
for heavy or novelty yarns in order that
judges may view an adequate sample.
Yarn should be wound into one to two
yard skeins. Skeins do not have to be
all natural fiber. Skeins must remain
on display until the end of the event on
Sunday. Fee to submit an entry is $2.00
per skein. Ribbons and cash will be awarded for
1st ($50), 2nd ($35) and 3rd ($20) place entries.


1. Be sure to meet the required criteria for skein size, weight, etc.

2. After spinning and skeining your yarn, set the twist and hang the skein to dry.

3. Reskein the yarn,steam it over a kettle of water, holding it taut, and hang to dry.
Reskein again if necessary.

4. All skeins should be tied in at least 4 places. Two ties should be comprised of the
beginning end of the skein and the final end of the skein. Other ties should be the same
yarn as the skein. Loop ties as a figure 8 around and through the skein and tie securely.
Trim ends flush.

You will be surprised at how much better your yarn will appear using the above process.

Complete the entry form and secure it to your skein when you present your skein for

Best of Luck to all of You! Midge Jackson.