Bringing you sad news today.  Betsy Story passed away last Sunday.


Betsy has been at Kid 'N Ewe every year since 1996.   Although she startedusing a "walker" in 2010, she went to every building in Boerne, more than once, buying and stopping to knit or crochet with her many friends. Earlier this year she moved from her historic home in Wimberly to an assisted living facility in New Braunfels.  I talked with Betsy the Wednesday before Kid 'N Ewe this year, and she said if there was anyway possible, she would be there if I could find someone to push her wheel chair.  I offered to pick her up in New Braunfels, but she said a friend was going to bring her.  Betsy wasn't able to come to Kid 'N Ewe in 2018 as her health had deteriorated.


I talked with her son, Scot, this week and he said that Betsy looked forward to Kid 'N Ewe every year.  Spread the word to all our Kid 'N Ewe

friends.  Send condolences to:


Scot and Cheri Story

25751 Cumberland Rd.

Tehachapi, CA 93561


Grady Ingle on behalf of Kid 'N Ewe and Lamas, Too

Kid 'n' Ewe and Lamas Too has a new location!

Hill Country Youth Event Center

3785 Memorial Blvd.

Kerrville, TX  78028

Stay tuned as we update our Compeptions!

KnE Official Host Hotel:

   La Quinta Inn & Suites

   1940 Sidney Baker St

   Kerrville, TX 78028



* Vendors Call For Reservations *

Mention Kid 'N' Ewe for a 20% Discount!

In addition to the Host Hotel info, the facilities
offer RV overnight for $25.00 per night.
Includes Water and Electricity, no sewer.


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